Datalogging is using a laptop with darn near any flavor of windows.  I find that windows XP works best but with a little work you can run with Vista, 7 or even 8 if you can get around that metro mess.

These days, most customers build setups very similar to one of my projects or one of my posted customers projects to avoid a lot of headaches.  However they still happen.  This tool will allow you to record sensor data while you drive the vehicle around and email me that file which I can play back and help you determine what is wrong.  I also typically like to look at a couple spark plug pictures along with that data so that I can make sure the computer is adjusting the fuel correctly.  More than once I have gone through adjusting the programming on the chip just to find out the o2 sensor was bad screwing up that data or that the customer had the wrong spark plugs for the heads they were using.

I have sub menu items for the software and cable to do this datalogging with your OBD1 (prior to 1996) GM vehicle.

First is the software and 2 programs that I recommend and which to use has to do with the vehicles ECM/PCM computer type.

The early 160 Baud TPI like the 1985 122670 MAF and 1986-89 1227165 MAF systems can use a program called WINALDL from Jonas Bylund.  software hasn’t been updated in years so it requires a little tweaking to the intstallation method to work with Vista, 7 or 8 operating systems.  This program is free with unlimited usage although it wouldn’t hurt to paypal Jonas a couple bucks for his efforts.

The 1990-92 speed density 8192 baud 1227727 and 1227730 systems use  program TTS Datamaster . To run with Vista, 7 or 8 you need to use version 4.0 off the TTSpowersystems website.   I have used the earlier versions but really the procedure to run was too difficult to recommend.  Reason I utilize the different versions instead of 4.0 for everything is that software only allows 20 free uses and its not the cheapest software.  Great tool though and I do recommend.

Lastly the cable, is who I have been recommending for years and if you have an issue with the cable they have been good to help my customers out.

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